Mission & Values

Our Vision

Ag Spectrum is dedicated to understanding the basic truths of science, investing in ongoing agronomic research, and providing leadership and education direct to the farmer, to inspire progress in American agriculture.

Progress in agriculture is achieved by maximizing returns on every investment, where no nutrient, no pest management product, no water, and no effort goes to waste. 

Although we have been in business for more 30 years, the marketplace has only initially begun to address global needs and embrace changes in agricultural production practices. We believe in educating farmers with a complete systems approach because we have the opportunity and responsibility to leave things better than we found them.

Our Values

There are four primary core values that drive Ag Spectrum and the Maximum Farming System:

  • Systematic Approach
  • Education and Learning
  • Research and Basic Science
  • Maximizing the Grower’s Profitability

Ag Spectrum’s approach begins with basic science and research. The fundamental beliefs as to how a plant grows, the stresses it faces, and how to provide maximum energy to the plant in the right form, at the right time. Ag Spectrum has an on-going investment in non-biased, fundamental research. These researchers are an extension of the Ag Spectrum network.

The researchers present the research to the dealer network in the form of company and customer meetings, print publications and other communications. The dealer network in turn provides value to farmers by sharing un-biased research and instrumental findings that will help advance their operations and improve profitability. 

At Ag Spectrum we value:

  • The basic truths of science
  • Educating farmers on sustainable and productive agronomic practices and to make independent decisions about their products based on facts instead of emotion
  • A systematic approach to crop production
  • Partnerships with local, independent dealers to deliver the Maximum Farming System
  • Leadership and support for our independent associate network
  • Doing what is right for the long term, even if that means walking away from a sale
  • Honesty and integrity in all that we do