Foliar Nutrition

Leaves are the above-ground part of a plant that absorb nutrients, which is why we believe in applying foliar nutrition. Over the years, Ag Spectrum has funded extensive research on foliar feeding and has discovered that when the proper materials are absorbed through a plant’s leaves at the right time, energy production is sustained, yields increase, and soil test values improve.

Our proven materials, such as Kick-Off®, Clean Start®, Score®, PT-21®, GroZyme®, and GlyCure®, supply plants with the right amount of nutrition that they need and have shown great success in producing quality crops. Foliar nutrition can be applied during any condition that initiates stress, such as temporary limitation of root uptake. We apply our foliar nutrition to crops at very specific times for optimum success. Foliar feeding is a sound practice that has shown consistent results and our system encourages using foliar nutrition on every acre, every year.